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 Mulberry Short Lets in Deal will assist you in finding the perfect short term rental in Deal. We specialise in providing short term accommodation in Deal from one week to several months, so whatever the reason for needing temporary accommodation in Deal we can help. This can be for corporate clients on business travel in Deal, short term property rentals if you are between houses or just urgently need a short term let in Deal to stay in. We have a good range of short term rentals in Deal which is within easy commuting distance of London or it may be that you seek a short term rental in Deal town centre. Our short term accommodation in Deal range from luxury apartments to a stylish short term let near a beach near Deal. We can also provide large short term property lets in Deal for sports teams, theatre productions, or film crews for example. This eliminates the stress in booking multiple hotel rooms, as everyone can stay in one short term rental in Deal.

Our short term lets in Deal are flexible and can be made to suit your property needs, whether you require self catering accommodation for you and your family short term or a place to stay when new housing developments or renovations are delayed. The need for short term lets in Deal can be unplanned, requiring quick emergency accommodation because of flood damage, fire or family health issues. Whatever your short term rental in Deal needs are, we are here to help.
Typically we would class a short term let in Deal as a stay that is over a week but less than six months. Residential lettings over six months would usually be bound by an Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement which requires a credit check, references and possibly a guarantor depending on the income of the tenant. This paperwork can lengthen the process of arranging short lettings, and is why for many, a short term let in Deal in a holiday cottage is more favourable.

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 Call our helpful and friendly booking team for more advice on our short term accommodation in Deal, or to receive a quote, some prices are negotiable depending on the length of your stay. Why not take a look at the short term lets in Deal we have on offer. Should you not find what you are looking for, it may be that we can help you source the perfect short term property rental in Deal, so call the booking team today on 01227 464373